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Whole Emu Oil is a pure & natural emollient with many unique therapeutic & beneficial properties. Whole Emu Oil is gentle for all skin types. Willow Springs Emu Oil is Certified “Fully Refined – Grade A”.  Pure Emu Oil naturally helps comfort and soothe dry, damaged skin.  Available in 3 sizes.

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Whole Emu Oil is a pure and natural emollient with many unique therapeutic and beneficial properties, Whole Emu Oil is gentle for all skin types. Willow Springs Emu Oil is Certified Fully Refined – Grade A.

  • Soothes & helps skin rashes and other skin irritations, burns and wounds (including sunburn), eczema, psoriasis, blemishes, scars, diabetic skin problems, haemorrhoids, insect bites and stings.
  • Softens dry rough skin and callouses.
  • Helps reduce scar tissue formation, lessening the appearance of scars.
  • Hydrates and plumps up skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Conditions hair and scalp.
  • More Emu Oil Benefits
  • Available in 30ml (1oz), 60ml (2oz) and 240ml (8oz) sizes and also available in 1 litre ( 33.80z)

Willow Springs Emu Oil is American Emu Association Certified as “Fully Refined” – Grade A

A gentle, physical refining process ( super fine screens down to 1 micron in size and natural absorbent clays) is used resulting in a superior, premium quality, natural pure Emu oil with high anti-inflammatory & therapeutic biological activity.  No harsh chemicals or solvents are used in the refining process unlike some other Emu oil refiners.    Ingredients: 99.88% Pure Emu Oil, 0.12% natural Vitamin E (added for its anti-oxidant properties to increase shelf-life).

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent product. I will definitely buy again when i’m out. I have a sore joint and rub this in, especially before bedtime. I also mix a little with my foundation. This is the best product i have found.

    The quality from Willow Springs is fantastic.

  2. Peggy (verified owner)

    Hi Russ and Karen,
    I don’t go anywhere without a small supply of your emu oil. It is useful for a wide variety of problems, from blisters to cuts and sprains. I recently had miraculous results on an outdoor neighbor cat that had half of his cheek ripped off in a fight. His owner was not planning on getting him medical intervention. I brought the listless cat into my house, cleaned his smelly wound, mixed up an ointment of emu oil, organic coconut oil and organic lavender and put it repeatedly on his wound. I fed him and kept him secluded in our house until I returned him to his owners with a supply of the oil mixture. I recommended they keep him inside a few days until he had time to heal. The next day the cat was out again, and whenever I could, I caught him and tended his wound. The neighbors also said that they used the ointment on him and appreciated my help in his recovery. Over a couple of weeks time the entire wound had healed. I expected him to have a bald area on his cheek, but within a couple months the fur has also grown back to where you would never know he had been in a fight. I attribute his full recovery to the miracle of the oils and to the kindness of a loving God. Thank you for your wonderful, effective Emu Oil. I recommend it whenever I get the opportunity! Your other products are lovely as well!

    Peggy L, San Jose

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dear Russ, Words can’t express my thanks for your whole emu oil that has saved me from much suffering as I contracted something in a Florida hotel pool on my ankle that brought a rash and infection. The cause was invisible in the water, most likely bug bites or worse jellyfish larvae that cause damage to the skin. I used witch hazel and hydrocortizone for 3 days then realized it was not working so I went to my whole emu oil and at once. I felt its power just penetrate into my ankle and it has been 13 days but everything has shrunk down in size,, the infection is being exiled,, and my body is growing new cells it feels like. What a miracle! Willow Springs has shown its awesome power in a bad situation,– killing pain, clearing infection, helping my body heal.. This experience has made me look up the story of the emu bird, and its ancient secrets. I hope to frame a picture of one one day. And Willow Springs customer service and quality are so wonderful. Thank you all. Mary Wier Chattanooga Tennessee

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