Emus Vs. Ostriches: The Difference

Emus vs. Ostriches: The Difference

Here at Willow Springs Emu Oil we specialize in emu oil products, but we have noticed that many people often get emus confused with ostriches. While both are large, flightless birds, the emu and the ostrich have many differences.

Our emu oil products are effective at treating a number of skin conditions and we believe our customers should be as informed as possible about what they are buying from us. To better accomplish this goal, let our emu oil experts fill you in on the differences between emus and ostriches.

Territory and Size

One of the most obvious differences between these two flightless birds is their natural habitat. Emus are native to Australia while ostriches are found in Africa. Both birds are, however, surprisingly adaptive and were once found in other regions. For example, ostriches once roamed free in the middle east, while emus have been found on the islands surrounding Australia.

Ostriches are also the tallest bird in the world, standing as tall as nine feet in some cases! Emus are not small, however. As the second tallest bird, emus can reach a height of six feet. Both birds are also surprisingly heavy. Ostriches can weigh as much as two full-grown humans, or roughly 300 pounds, while emus can weigh as much as 135 pounds. Despite their size, both emus and ostriches are fast runners, clocking 30 and 40 miles per hour, respectively.

Physical Traits

In addition to their size differences, emus and ostriches have many other differences in their physical appearance. Female ostriches are a dull brown in color, while males can be black with white accents. Emus, on the other hand, can vary in color, but are typically greyish-brown with the tips of their feathers being black. Their habitat often determines their color scheme.

Additionally, both birds have rather large eggs. The ostrich egg is the largest egg in the world, weighing more than 1.5 Kg or 3 pounds.  Although ostrich eggs are the largest eggs, they are actually the smallest eggs in comparison to the size of an adult bird. Emu eggs are also large, weighing as much as 700 grams. Emu eggs are also a dark green color while ostrich eggs are more of a yellow cream.

Willow Springs Emu Oil

While both birds’ oil have skin moisturizing benefits, only Emu oil has therapeutic healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Here at Willow Springs, we specialize in emu oil. All of our products are made with pure emu oil and can be beneficial for a variety of skin and hair conditions.

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