Can Pure Emu Oil Help Crohn’s Disease?

Can Pure Emu Oil Help Crohn’s Disease?

There’s no denying the power of pure emu oil. The beneficial oil has been proven to alleviate a wide variety of issues. Whether it be reducing the appearance of scars to effectively treating chapped lips, or even fighting wrinkles, pure emu oil is beneficial from head to toe. We’ve already discussed its potential benefits for hair loss, but now we’d like to take a closer look at the oil’s possible ability to help those who suffer from Crohn’s disease.

At Willow Springs, we’re very aware how beneficial pure emu oil is. Used in each and every one of our products, from lip balm to pain cream, emu oil can work wonders for your body. Pure emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties and ability to penetrate deeply into the skin allows it to treat a range of conditions. In the past couple years, researchers have studied the use of pure emu oil for treating Crohn’s disease. In our opinion, it’s a viable solution. However, we’ll do a little more research to find out what it can do. Take a look.

Common Treatment for Crohn’s Disease

An inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease can present severe pain, malnutrition, weight loss and more. This is due to inflammation in the lining of the digestive tract, which can spread deep into bowel tissue. In most cases, those with Crohn’s disease are prescribed medication to suppress inflammation and alleviate pain. Additionally, a nutritious diet is always recommended to reduce symptoms and flare-ups. Surgery is even sometimes necessary when medications no longer alleviate symptoms.

Because Crohn’s disease is caused by inflammation of the digestive tract, pure emu oil could be an effective treatment, as it has a superb ability to reduce inflammation. So, is pure emu oil a viable option for those who suffer from IBD?  

Pure Emu Oil: A Solution to Crohn’s Disease?

In recent years, researchers have been studying pure emu oil and its potential ability to reduce inflammation of the digestive tract. Within one study, Dr. Suzanne Mashtoub demonstrated the oil reduced inflammation of the large bowel after treatment. Another study, led by Professor Gordon Howarth at Adelaide University, showed  emu oil could reduce intestinal inflammation caused by a chemotherapy drug. With this, pure emu oil’s potential to treat Crohn’s disease seems quite plausible.

Though additional research is needed, taking pure emu oil supplements just may alleviate symptoms of Inflammatory bowel disease. By ingesting these dietary supplements, the pure emu oil is carried straight to the digestive tract, potentially allowing it to attack the source of inflammation.

The Power of Pure Emu Oil

While we may need a little more research to confirm emu oil’s ability to treat IBD, it could very well be an effective and natural option. Regardless, pure emu oil has long been used to soothe burns and heal wounds. And in the years past, it’s been shown to solve a range of additional issues.

If you’re interested in reaping the many benefits of pure emu oil, you can purchase it from Willow Springs Emu Oil right here. You can also contact us with any questions or comments. Be sure to visit our blog for more useful information about the therapeutic benefits of emu oil.