Benefits of Emu Oil on the Face

As our skin ages, the cells divide slower and our skin starts to thin, causing wrinkles and lines to Benefits of Emu Oilappear. At the first sign of wrinkles, many rush to find anti-aging creams or look to cosmetic surgery to reverse or hide the aging process. Our pure Emu oil works to thicken thin skin, while softening not only the top layer, but also improving skin in lower levels. It does not clog pores and is quickly absorbed through the multiple layers of the epidermis. Studies show that Emu oil is mild and non-irritating even on delicate sensitive skin, leaving it feeling nourished and moisturized.

What It Does

Taken from the fat of the bird during processing, pure Emu oil contains oleic acid, which is an established anti-wrinkle agent and skin cell regenerator. The oil has unique moisturizing, healing and cosmetic properties. Working to soften skin, Emu oil also contains sapogens along with Vitamin A to repair skin. Proven to be the most rapidly penetrating natural agent for skin, pure Emu oil is quick-absorbing and doesn’t leave an oily film behind. As a natural moisturizer, Emu oil can increase the thickness of skin by 2-3 times, while diminishing wrinkles and aging lines from the skin.

Patient Results

Based on research performed by dermatologists, who used Emu oil on patients with “extremely severe” problems, the outcome of the treatment presented very pleasing results. Also shown from patients’ use, the results of using Emu oil begin to show immediately.

As steroids and antibiotics proved less effective on patients with rosacea, the application of Emu oil worked to calm redness and the results were also noticed immediately.

Based on external reviews, others have found similar results in treating the skin on their face with Emu oil that other products could not defeat. An Emu oil user reported, after a lifetime of pimples and skin irritation, that using the oil decreased pimples and ceased her skin irritation.

Try It Now

One of the great benefits of Emu oil on the face is its anti-wrinkle use. The pure Emu oil is also great for a variety of skin conditions and offers benefits that often show immediate results. From anti-aging to skin-soothing therapy, Emu oil uses all natural ingredients to improve your skin.