Pain Relief Cream

Willow Springs Deep Heat Pain CreamMany of us experience pain throughout the day. Whether it’s due to arthritis, old injuries, or we just slept in a strange position, pain can not only cause slight discomfort, it can also keep us from doing the activities we love. Willow Springs Emu Oil understands the problems pain causes and we’ve developed a soothing, pain relieving cream.

Our Willow Springs Penetrating Deep Heat Cream naturally reduces pain. Formulated with Emu Oil and other natural pain relieving ingredients, offers temporary but effective pain relief for sore joints and muscles, alleviates inflammation, and reduces nerve pain.

How Does It Work?

Our Deep Heat Pain Cream potent anti-inflammatory effect is similar to Ibuprofen, without the negative side effects common in traditional prescription or corticosteroid-based medications. It’s the natural, side effect-free method to relieving pain.


We recommend this cream to people who want to:

  • Reduce muscle, back and neck pain, stiffness and swelling
  • Relieve shoulder, knee and joint pain
  • Help alleviate discomfort and pain of arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, gout and other inflammations
  • Decrease loss of time due to discomfort or injury

Get back to doing the things you love, without the pain. Order today.


Our pain relief cream comes in two sizes, which means you can find relief whether you’re at home or on the go: