emu oil sorenessEmu Oil for Relief from Sore Muscles and Arthritis

Vigorous exercise, injuries, and even some illnesses can cause painful inflammation in our muscles and joints. Topically applied emu oil can be a great way to help recover from a hard workout. Because it offers proven pain relief for arthritis, you can reduce the daily doses of painkillers and don’t have to worry about the negative side effects. Emu oil penetrates deeper into skin than other topical agents to bring its soothing properties deeper into tissues. Our Emu oil has been carefully refined into a straw colored, nearly odorless product that works great on its own or combined with our Deep Heat cream. Our Deep Heat cream combines emu oil with menthol, oil of wintergreen, camphor, boswellia, and warming capsicum for the ultimate pain relief.

Emu Oil as an Anti-Inflammatory

Emu oil has a deep soothing effect on inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory aspects are one of the better-studied properties of Emu oil. Emerging research is showing that Emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties may actually to be as good or better than that of the more well-known anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen.

Use Our Products To Help With Injuries and Muscle Soreness

Use our massage oil to help your clients with sports injuries or deep muscle soreness get relief. We offer wholesale packages of Emu oil, our proprietary lotions, and our popular penetrating deep heat cream.