Wound Healing, Scar Prevention & Emu Oil

On a typical day, Dr. Dan Dean, in his Mt. Pleasant Michigan private practice, will use an Emu Oil product on an average of a dozen patients suffering from various types of burns, abrasions, sore joints, eczema, arthritis, colitis, psoriasis, and as a wound application immediately following surgery.

Gravel abrasion. Area was cleansed, debrined and only Emu Oil was applied with a dressing - See more at: http://www.emuoilcanada.com/scar_prevention.html#sthash.PgbmDeMb.dpuf

Gravel abrasion. Area was cleansed, debrined and only Emu Oil was applied with a dressing.

Pure emu oil is employed by the physician mainly on clients suffering from various burns and abrasions. “In addition to abrasions and burns, I also use pure emu oil on scars and wounds,” says Dean, who has spent the past 30 years in private family practice. “I do a lot of in-office skin surgeries, and anytime the patient walks out of the office they have the oil to use on the wound because emu oil enhances wound healing.” The patients are told to apply the emu oil or to remoisten the bandage three times daily, usually until their next appointment. “In the office, we use the pure Emu oil directly on open burns, abrasions and ulcerations. We only use pure Emu oil with no added ingredients. Its an amazing substance.”

Of great interest is Dr. Dean’s findings with emu oil in relation to quicker wound healing. He relates, “I have noticed that with a typical third degree burn and with various abrasions where it normally takes six weeks to heal, we’re seeing healing much quicker, in almost half the time. Also when we remove skin lesions in the office, these wound incisions heal quicker when emu oil is applied.”

The lesion one week after Emu Oil

The lesion one week later

Patients of open heart surgery also receive Emu oil on their freshly stitched incisions. Dean says that when they return to their thoracic surgeon for a follow up with a well healed sternum, the surgeons always comment on how fast the incision healed.

When applying emu oil to fresh burns or wounds the first day, Dean maintains that his patients haven’t experienced any negative reaction. “Emu oil is a natural product and we would be less apt to expect any type of an allergic or contact type reaction when using it,” he says.

Lesion 3 weeks later with Emu Oil use

Lesion 3 weeks later. It would normally have taken much longer (6 wks) to heal without Emu Oil

Dean has been employing emu oil in his practices for the past several years and feels confident he’s working with a winner. “It seems we have a fantastic product here,” says the doctor.

From an article in Emu Today and Tomorrow, October 1998