Use Emu Oil To Relieve Back Pain

Lower Back PainMost back pain (other than arthritis related pain) is due to strain and overworked muscles or injuries from sports or work activities. Certain types of back pain will go away with activity and there are many types of back pain products designed to actively keep your muscles in shape so that you don’t feel any pain. Exercises like yoga and pilates are excellent options as they focus on functional body movement. Exercise balls, mini back-a-traction spinal decompression, whale backbench, mini-stepper, twist stepper, inversion tables, and pilates equipment are some of the back pain products available.

Finding relief from even the smallest back pain is important as back pain is very disruptive to your daily life and activity.

Back braces are one of the most used products for back pain relief. Back braces function by compressing the painful or inflamed area and this reduces the pain as the brace provides extra support to these areas. Strenuous jobs that include extreme repetitive work like lifting will require the use of a lower back brace.

Back Pain from heavy lifting - Emu OilHeat therapy is a popular back pain treatment where heat is used to relax your back muscles. Muscle strain, sciatica, sports injuries and fibromyalgia can all be treated with properly applied heat. Hot tubs & spas, heating pads, microwaveable therapy wrap, moist heat pad and thermoskin lumbar support are all popular temperature therapy products. Alternating heat with ice pack application works well.
Magnet patches, magnetic seat cushions and magnetic belts are all used to relieve back pain. Magnets interact with your body’s electrical activity to accelerate muscle healing as well as improving blood circulation.

Massage is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of back pain relief that dates back centuries. It is used to sooth aches and relieves muscle pain. Electric massagers are available that provide different levels of massage all the way from the lightest touch to intensive back massages.

Emu Oil enhanced topical creams such as Penetrating Deep Heat Pain Cream, can provide temporary relief of back pain. This product is usually applied to the area of pain 2-3 times per day and acts to reduce the swelling & pain and stimulate blood circulation. The therapeutic pain relieving effect is accumulative overtime. Emu Oil is a natural product that has unique anti-inflammatory and skin penetrating properties. Emu Oil is an excellent trans-dermal carrier for the other natural pain relieving ingredients in the Deep Heat Pain cream.


by Russ Davis